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NOTICE:  Effective September 1, 2013, New Laws Effecting Marriage Licenses:

Senate Bill 1317, Section 2.201 Expiration of License
If a marriage ceremony has not been conducted before the 90th day after the date the license is issued, the marriage license expires.
Senate Bill 1317, Section 2.202 Who can perform a marriage ceremony
Family Code is amended as follows: (a) the following persons are authorized to conduct a marriage ceremony: a retired judge of a municipal court and a retired judge or magistrate of a federal court of this state.








House Bill 869, Section 2.006 & 2.007 Absent Applicant Affidavit
All applicants must be present for the ceremony unless: (a) the absent applicant is a member of the armed forces of the United States stationed in another country in support of combat or another military operation; and unable to attend the ceremony.  All other applicants will have to be present for the ceremony.

In accordance with Chapter 2, of the Texas Family Code
Application for a Certified Copy of Marriage Record


Marriage Handbook
A copy of the Marriage Handbook is available to all marriage applicants and can be obtained from the Attorney General's office by visiting the following link,


HIV/AIDS Information
Texas county clerks are required to provide marriage license applicants with information about HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) and AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome). More information about HIV and AIDS can be found at . If you do not have Internet access, call the Texas Department of State and Health Services at (512) 533-3000 to request a free printed copy of this information.


  1. There is a 72 hour waiting period immediately following the date and time the license is issued.
  2. The marriage license expires at the end of the 90th day from the date and time the marriage license was issued.
  3. Fee: $82.00 (without taking the certified premarital course).
  4. If you wish to take the certified premarital course, you will need to contact 211 for available classes in your area.
  5. If you have taken a certified premarital course, please present the certification and we will waive $60.00 of the total cost of the license and waive the 72 hour waiting period.
  6. The following documents will be accepted for proof of identity and age:
    (One of the following must be provided)
    * Birth Certificate (from any country)
    * Certificate of Naturalization
    * Certificate of Citizenship
    * Driver’s license
    * State ID- from any state (government issued only).
    * Military ID.
    * Passport -A current U.S. or foreign country passport.
    * Resident Alien Card.
    * Border Crossing Card.
    * A current consular document issued by the state or national government (Matricula Consular).

Names will be reflected on the marriage license exactly as they appear on the ID’s.
The County Clerk’s office cannot change the name or spelling of name on ID.
Social Security number required for U.S. Citizens.

Please note – Documents provided must be originals or certified copies.
We will not accept mutilated copies or documents that appear to be tampered with).

7. Minor applicants (16 years of age or older but under 18):

  • Minors must have their original or certified copy of their birth certificates that include the parent’s names.  We do not accept hospital records.
  • Parents must be present to sign parental consent form.
  • In case of divorced parents, the parent with legal custody of the minor is required to sign the parental consent form and is required to bring the final divorce decree signed by a judge.
  • Parents are required to present government issued photo ID’s.

8. Divorced Applicants:

  •  There is a 30 day waiting period immediately following the date the divorce was granted if divorced in Texas.
  • If a judge has waived the 30 day waiting period, the court order must be presented to comply with the 30 day requirement.
  • You may apply for the license on the 31st day after the divorce is granted and a 72 hour waiting period applies.  Former spouses may marry each other at any time.


  • Both applicants must appear before the County Clerk.
  • Proof of identity and age
  • Valid TX Id with same address.


The cost per copy is $21.00.  You may request a copy in person or by mail.  If requesting by mail, please use two separate checks or money orders (one for the copy and one for the search) and allow 5 to 10 days to receive your copy.

For more information please call (956) 544-0817 during regular business hours.

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