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VCL CMYKThe Cameron County Veterans Services Office is a venue that provides veterans including their families with assistance, guidance and information about entitlements that are available. This office will provide you with the help needed in order to apply for compensation, pension, medical, educational, insurance, death benefits and many more pertinent issues dealing with veterans. The Cameron County Veterans Services Office is committed to render our community of veterans and their dependents with the utmost dedicated service. We welcome our veterans and their dependents to contact our office to make an appointment. The Cameron County Veterans Services Office is a small office with a big purpose; “To Serve the Heroes of Our Nation!”

“In a county of over 200,000, the county commissioners’ court shall maintain a “Veterans Service Office” separate and distinct from other county offices and staffed by at least one full time employee. A commissioners’ court that maintains and operates an office shall appoint a veterans county service officer and the number of assistant veteran county service officers that it considers necessary.” Texas Government Code 434,Subchapter b, Sections .032  thru .033. Cameron County currently has two offices to serve the needs of its veterans.

Our Goal

The department goal is to provide veterans with assistance, guidance and information about benefits that they could qualify for, such as compensation, pension, medical, educational, insurance, death benefits and other related issues. On this page you will find several links that will assist you in applying for several of these benefits. If any questions arise in regards to the procedures on how to apply, please feel to contact our offices and make an appointment to see one of our Veteran Service Officers. Our office is committed to render our community of veterans with the utmost dedicated service.

The Cameron County Veterans Services Office is a small office with a big purpose.

“To care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphan.” Abraham Lincoln

Brownsville Location
Monday-Friday: 8:00-5:00
Phone: (956) 544-0811
Fax: (956) 544-0889

Co. Service Officer Salvador J. Castillo, Director
Laura Lee Ortiz, Administrative Secretary
Cameron County Courthouse
1124 E. Madison, St.
Brownsville, Texas 78521

San Benito Location
Monday-Friday: 8:00-5:00
Phone: (956) 247-3550
Fax: (956) 361-8283

Thalia M. Hernandez

1390 W. Expressway 83
San Benito, Texas 78586

TSC Location
Phone: (956) 295-3622

Maricela Zepeda


STC Location
Phone: (956) 872-2606

Jesse Luna


UTRGV Brownsville Location
Phone: (956) 882-8980

Patricia Rodriguez


UTRGV Edingburg Location
Phone: (956) 665-7934

Frank Martinez


TSTC Location
Phone: (956) 364-4386

Steve Guevara

Health Care

What is eBenefits?
eBenefits is a portal; a central location for Veterans, Service Members, and their families to research, find, access, and, in time, manage their benefits and personal information.

eBenefits offers:

  • A personalized workspace called My Dashboard that provides quick access to eBenefits tools. Using eBenefits tools, you can complete various tasks. You can apply for benefits, download your DD 214, view your benefits status, in addition to other actions as needed. This workspace is available to you once you have created an eBenefits account.
  • A catalog of links to other sites that provide information about military and Veteran benefits.

The Cameron County Veterans Department wants to take the initiative of using the tools offered by E-Government from the Department of Veterans Affairs.


“E-Government” refers to the use by government agencies of information technologies (such as Wide Area Networks, the Internet, and mobile computing) that have the ability to transform relations with citizens, businesses, and other arms of government.

The Cameron County Veterans Department wants to encourage you to enroll in


My HealtheVet is VA’s online personal health record. It was designed for Veterans, active duty Service members, their dependents and caregivers. My HealtheVet helps you partner with your health care team. It provides you opportunities and tools to make informed decisions and manage your health care

Specific features in My HealtheVet are available to you based on your account type. All users who have a Basic account are able to view their self-entered information. If you are a VA patient, you can upgrade your account to Advanced or Premium. For more information about account types and what you can view, visit My HealtheVet Account Types.

Among the newest features available to Veterans with a Premium Account include VA Notes.  These are clinical notes that your health care team records during your appointments or hospital stays.  Also available are your VA Immunization records, more detailed lab reports and a list of your current medical issues. These features are in addition to prescription refills, VA Appointments and Secure Messaging – all very popular with Veterans!

Mental Health
Are you experiencing symptoms that indicate you might be suffering from PTSD? Do you need someone to talk to?


Have you fallen into the justice system due to your condition of PTSD? Please take the time to view our video.

If your answer is yes to any of these questions please feel free to contact us for additional information. Thank you.

State Services
Veteran's Business Outreach Center