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The Texas constable is provided for in the Texas Constitution of 1876 (Article 5, Section 18), which calls for the election of a constable in each precinct of a county, and counties may have between one and eight precincts each depending on their population. The term of office for Texas constables is four years. However, when vacancies arise, the commissioner’s court of the respective county has the authority to appoint a replacement to serve out the remaining term. If no person is elected and qualified under law to fill an office of constable for seven consecutive years, the respective commissioner’s court may declare the office dormant and it may not be filled by election or appointment. However, the commissioner’s court may reinstate the office by a majority vote or by calling an election where a majority of precinct voters approve it...

Constable PCT #1 Pedro Delgadillo

Precinct 1

505 Hwy. 100
Port Isabel, Texas, 78578
Ph: (956) 943-6757

Constable PCT #2 Abelardo Gomez Jr.

Precinct 2


Abelardo Gomez Jr., Constable
835 E. Levee, 2nd Floor
Brownsville, Texas, 78520
Ph: (956) 544-0859
Fax: (956) 550-1350

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Constable PCT #3 Adrian Gonzalez

Precinct 3

Adrian Gonzalez, Constable

Main Office:
1390 W. Expressway 83
San Benito, Texas, 78586
Ph: (956) 361-8228
Fax: (956) 361-8211

Sub Station:
125 E. Colorado
Rio Hondo, Texas, 78583

Ph: (956) 748-4625
Fax (956) 748-4628


Constable PCT# 4 Merced Burnias

Precinct 4

Merced Burnias, Constable
745 W. Ocean Boulevard
Los Fresnos, Texas, 78566
Ph: (956) 233-6156


Constable PCT #5 Eddie Solis

Precinct 5

Eddie Solis, Constable

Main Office:
3302 Wilson Rd.
Harlingen, Texas, 78550
Ph: (956) 427-8052

Secondary Office:
200 Industrial Way
La Feria, Texas, 78559
Ph: (956) 797-1180